Quallity articles is thhe crucial to invite the Black leather handles and flap Any luxury brand has quality control over their products! Can you explain this to me? – White Interior: The stitching is white in the areas where the fabric is white. × FREE SHIPPING + FREE RETURNS On All Orders Save Up To 70% Off. Authentic: Feb 18, 2014 @ 11:52. I know, I bought my gun metal le pliage in Long Champ Store. It even has the french paperwork inside. Those minute details will make you believe the bag is authentic! , Hi there susan, unfortunately I wasnt able to send you the photos of my maroon pliage, I returned it instead since im not reall sure of its authenticity, however can u help me with planetes? Can I please sent you the pics when I receive them so that you confirm? The gold snap button on the front.. isn’t always super upright. I am so happy to know that! I am still worried. I just bought a medium long handle Longchamp Le Pliage Miaou on cashcashpinoy.com. I plan on purchasing another soon. It’s really helpful. A small short handle tote starts with 1621089, the 3 numbers following that is the color code . The leather flap is the same color as the fabric. Did the other things she pointed out match the bag from CCP though? Do you have the name of the seller? reallongchamp@snobaffair.com. FREE Shipping. MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ – MADE IN FRANCE If it’s too shiny, it’s a no go. PayPal is now asking that I obtain a letter from an expert such as yourself confirming that the bag is fake. On what IG account did you buy? Could this still be authentic? The button has a plastic disc around it. Loll. Hello! 1515578033 Because the recent pliage leather flaps are rather rough. http://www.longchampforsales.com/longchamp-planetes-tote-bag/680-longchamp-planetes-tote-bag-black.html, Hi, this is a very helpful and great article. This bag I have looks pretty real, so I’m curious. Thank you! It is older purse, but new with tags. LE PLIAGE LGP. THANK YOU! The G on LONGCHAMP is very close to looking like the C. Maybe send me an email with pictures reallongchamp@snobaffair.com ? I just got my Le Pliage neo medium short handle and purchased it from Lazada. Have you ever heard of Longchamp fabric poxing? hi susan, recently bought a longchamp le pliage backpack and upon checking, it matches all your detailed descriptions. Authentic: Has a diamond pattern, caused by relatively straight diagonal lines. Does that mean that it’s fine if the code on the tag of my LLH says 1899089560? SOLD OUT. They DO NOT guarantee that your bag is real. Thanks for such a comprehensive guide! If not, I can always re-send it. Respectfully, . Hi there! Hi Susan, thank you for your guide! Longchamp Le Pliage 21-Inch Water Resistant Nylon Travel Bag. many thanks for sharing all these info-very enlightening! After seeing this guide, it is very clear that the bag I received is a fake. I just bought my girlfriend a type M classic and I got online. Refer to the “PLIAGE COLOR CODE TABLE” Table. Not sure if I’m able to return the fake, however I will be sharing my concerns since the site is suppose to have a good reputation for selling only authentic items. http://dblackbitch.blogspot.com/2014/09/spotted-fake-longchamp-le-pliage.html. This would also be very helpful. Le sac shopping porté main de la ligne Le Pliage de chez Longchamp vous accompagne partout au quotidien. Refer to the “PLIAGE COLOR CODE TABLE” Table for the official lining color. Yay! Its color is 203, from the serial code 1635578203 in the tag. no YKK on zipper with misstitch on handle. Thanks. How to explain.the date code like this 1512578645 Gender Ladies. Hi, I recently bought a Longchamp online. You mention that the large one does not come with a long handle. All seems to be authentic base on the above suggestions but what bothers me is the color code of it. its not made in france. I just bought my first ever Longchamp Maroquinerie Gold. MADE IN FRANCE Is it a fake? The item is available in one of our stores in Paris - Second hand item guaranteed authentic. Thanks! users to pay a quick visit the web site, that’s what this web site is I have a Longchamp bag that I bought at a major department store in California some years ago (Neiman? longchamps sac à main prix Passes longchamps sac marseille longchamp sac pliage tour eiffel longchamp bags for sale ebay touring; longchamp paris sale 2016 ad longchamp paris factory. I will share this post to my friends.:). I recently bought a Longchamp Neo Long Handle bag, Opera color, on Gilt. Hi Susan, Menu. 2. hi susan, I’ve seen so many posts in sulit.com that are claiming to sell “authentic” large long handle longchamp bags (am eyeing to buy a patch poney).. Hello! If it’s a neo in navy. pls reply asap because i just ordered one on-line after seeing it in one of the longchamp distributor stores, so i can have the chance to cancel my order . I have a question. There's a problem loading this menu right now. I was looking at your color guide and I don’t see one. just simply wanted to add the colour to your list. The tag says made in France. 3.7 out of 5 stars 11. It’s the mini de pliage. Everything checked out for me but the dimensions. I would like to know where can i send a pics of my long champ i received as bday presents?. except that the diamond pattern is cause by not-so diagonal lines, more of horizontal lines. ️ ️LONGCHAMP ️ ️ SAC PLIAGE EN TOILE ENDUITE ET CUIR TYPE M. AU $37.06 2 bids + shipping . It helped me authenticate a bag. I just got a Longchamp Roseau shoulder bag from my aunt, I believe this is a vintage bag. I recently purchased a La Pliage Shopping in Bilberry to replace my fiancee’s old one. You need a close-up shot like below.) Hi Susan – You’re website is great reference tool! Hello Susan! It’s obvious even in the pictures. Oh, and something else, one of the shoppers seems overly “fuzzy” on the suede-like overleaf of the leather closure flap… and I can’t see the reverse ghost imprint of the horsey on it either! Hope to hear from u. mountaindew.jux.Com I’ve just purchase my very first Longchamp Le Pliage. Thanks a lot for this blog post, it was very helpful in confirming and verifying the legitimacy of the Longchamp bag I purchased!!! And while I’ve gotten a few good apples, I’m afraid I just received 2 rotten ones The bags have several good things going for them – the zippers seem the real deal, there’s that plastic disc behind the button closure, the stitching seems the right color… BUT… but… I’m having problems with the LE PLIAGE “SHOPPING” – MODELE DEPOSE part. I also have nothing better to do while strolling around downtown that I made a game out of it: the “Longchamp Pliage Authentication” game. Thanks! share away!! After some thought we realized that the leather handle of the bag stretches considerably over time and of course the color fades a bit from sun. Déplié, il offre espace et élégance avec ses garnitures cuir et ses coloris de saison. However you have listed that “SHOPPING” model Long Handle, there is only Small & Medium Tote. they are not no more than undisturbed but … Finally gave in and got myself one and I love it!! It seemed like every other woman owned one — which was the exact reason why I resisted buying one for years. – Back: The hot-stamped words should be spelled like below. Ur such a good help. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Original-Packaging-Longchamp-Planete-Tote-Bag-Medium-Black-/281168253061?pt=AU_Makeup&hash=item4176ef1085&_uhb=1, Don’t know where you live. From shop ShabbyVintageChateau. Much appreciated. I hope to hear from you soon Thank you. All of this information was super helpful! I think I have same question here. God bless you. The demand for the Pliage is HUGE and they need to supply these demands FAST. grrrrrrr. I just bought a pre owned longchamp and checked with your description if its authentic but there’s one thing that didnt match with your description. Is it possible that the embossed longchamp jockey can hardly be seen anymore? Cause all I read here are short long handle and medium long handle. Does this mean it it’s fake? 0980834 Mine do have plastic. I got it because I felt that it was a pretty good deal considering the condition of the tote. Though, whether the bags are authentic or not is another question. MADE IN FRANCE Thank you . Authentic: $165.00. The quality of the Pliage has declined. Thanks!! Wow! Color is a beige (turns tan after prolonged use) and it has really short hairs to the point that it looks smooth. Authentic: Both snaps (interior pocket and at the bottom of the bag) are reinforced with a transparent disc around the snaps. They are absolutely everywhere! How to SPOT: Longchamp | The Bag Investigator Please help so I can do further action thanks! Very weird. It’s just smooth but appears to be an authentic cowhide leather. Still LOVE the versatility of the bag, even if it would be a fake. Mine has a barcode with number (3 597921 026051) Then there’s CE 18.09 Chocolate AA 1899089203 I sent you an email along with photos. I have a limited edition from a few years ago and it too says made in France. the stitching does double up on corners and in some other areas because those areas can have a lot of strain if you carry a lot of weight. LOVE your site! This was very informative! Mar 25, 2014 @ 16:16, Hello, Wow, great article!! I really learn a lot in your blog I also impart on our site the part (I write your blog so that some of my clients would know where to check and read also your blog) about the style number for my clients to check the item we are selling is really authentic. So I told her and she said it’s actually wine red. Hi susan! It’s one of the orange bags with tortoise shell like leather. Satisfied that I got an authentic one, I continued to read through the comments and came across this. Marianne- I just bought this same bag last week, $89 at the Edinburgh airport- not sure what they run at other airports but in my experience always much less. Me n my sister in law bought the sarrah morris x longchamp 2014 le pliage… Cn you pls post a picture showing an authentic version of the sarrah morris edition? I am confuse by the size I got as the one display seems larger,maybe coz it was stuffed with fillers to look better on display. Its flap and short handle is shiny and smooth (fail) thanks! (888) 828-8081 Hi ! The logo has a line under it, so it would be an older version. Looking forward to it. LE PLIAGE TYPE “M” – MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ Check for the hyphen ( – ). I emailed the site I sent you earlier and they told me they are authentic. The exterior color is a Kiwi or Moss, but the INTERIOR COLOR IS NOT WHITE. My recent purchase from an authorized retailer also says longchamp on the back side of the button instead of original prym 6/4b. Anyway,your blog is a great guide too when it comes to the details and authenticity of the bags. COLOR Find great deals on eBay for sac longchamp longchamp le pliage. I’m now saving for one more and two more and three more….lol. One has to have owned or looked closely at many bags in a long time, say a year, to be able to tell. I really appreciate this guide. Let’s be real here. Awesome job Thanks! Very helpful guide! The snap underneath the flap has ORIGINAL (6/4B?) Glance advanced to The one I have acquired is “FAKE”. longchamp le pliage turquoise color longchamp tote bags. The bag is a small shopping style with a black and white fabric pattern (sort of jacquard) with a large black calf hair/pony hair pocket logo. thanks, I have done the same thing Kim I bought one too and it is from china. In the cedar colour range they also do a white interior not just beige as indicated in your chart. I have received the bag and have the same issue. Authentic: Front of the flap has beige stitching. Dess, Susan, Did Longchamp ever make Le Pliage in a “color block” two color bag? This really is THE super guide. Can you help me? Of course you can! Does That Mean It’s Fake ? Color Grey. So it sounds like they would’ve brought in the China versions into Europe as well? 0770926 I’ve had it for a few months and have recently noticed that the bottom side seam is split. The leather part is the same color as the whole body the stitches are different as well. It should also refer to a Large Long Handle Le Pliage, right? I just got my small pliage today and I’m so glad it passed all the tests in your site. But let’s get something straight here. 0948612 Made in France I checked on their website and it says Large with the same dimensions. yay! One is an amazing fake that can easily pass the naked eye. Model Name On my fake, the words modèle déposé are missing the accent marks. Main Top Handle, Black. Could it be possible that the ones Made in China with the more recent models do not have the indent anymore? I bought a le pliage type m through ebay, and asked the seller if it is authentic but as per checking some of the features are same as whst you described but some like no tag inside, the accent on È on DÈPOSÈ can’t really see one.. and no ykk and 45 on the zipper.. if i send u some photos are u able to tell if this is a fake or authentic? I recently received a pre-owned Longchamp small nylon bag. PRYM on the button but that’s it – could it be the bag has been used so much that the emboss has somehow faded? pls tell me if its fake? But true quality triumphs whatever misgiving I was having. Any official names/season of a color I’m unsure of are marked with a question mark. I would also like to add that the leather is quite stiff and thick as compared to the genuine russian leather used by longchamp. Spacieux et léger, Le Pliage Néo est le compagnon idéal de la citadine moderne. What does happen often (it happened to mine) is: Thanks again! I appreciate this post. with pictures and I would gladly help you authenticate a Longchamp Pliage for you. I found an older Longchamp purse, in excellent condition. Longchamp. I nearly sold my small “shopping” tote, but after realizing that it’s the older model and made in France, I don’t want to part with it now! Pretty much, every other detail looks good, but that tab is missing. BTW, I found the care card, it’s in the pocket Now, I can say that my bag is 100% authentic. Will you be updating your color assortment? Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Top-Handle Bag Small Navy One Size. sort of greenish-yellow interior color, Good day, can you help me? I just bought a longchamp from a friend. I did not see mention of this in other posts. Many thanks for your detailed guide on spotting fakes. I am quite sure I have gotten “SHOPPING” model Large Tote with Long Handle, based on the European Large Shoulder Tote size. The bag does not have snaps on the bottom. But you can still see and a but feel it? Are the pliage large and XL available with long handles? Purple Le Victoire bag. where can i send some pictures of my LC that needs verification? Just purchased a Longchamp Shopper off eBay and fear it may be a fake. The front flap has the logo and also a line underneath it that looks clean and detailed unlike the emboss logo on fake Longchamps, but underneath the flap, the leather is smooth and a pretty dark tan color that has no emboss on the inside reverse flap. Thank you for your help. Any chance these might be authentic? I want to buy handbag on this webside, but I do not know, wheter is it ok. What do you think? , thanks very much for writing this post. Please help and Many many thanks for your time and good heart in responding to mine and other on this. 2020 - Deux pour le prix d’un !!! hello viee! The plastic tag has MADE IN FRANCE on it, and the leather tag has 548068 6CJR stamped on one side ( in ink).The other side has LONGCHAMP 1946 with the horse/jockey above it – both are within an oval ( it looks as if it is embossed on there -raised). Please help me figure out if its authentic or not. General. This really is THE super guide. Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (180) 180 'Le Pliage - Large' Tote Bag. The bag has not arrived yet but I am worried it might be fake because when I checked the Longchamp US website, they only have navy and malabar as available colors. I was somehow convinced that it was authentic because when I checked everything online and examined my bag, I thought it was really authentic. Keep all that GREAT and HELPFUL info coming! I’ve seen Authentic Pliage bags labeled Fake when it wasn’t, and Fake bags that were labeled Authentic. Hi! Thanks again! All authentication points matched up. Longchamp’s tradition of excellence dates back more than 65 years. Been using your guidelines for my purchases online, however I need ur help on something. Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack Basics . There are only 2 sizes of the shopper tote – no medium like the short handle version. I can send you pictures. Large Short handle Tote, TYPE “L”: 1624089### The models are adorned with satin-finish nylon, embellished with tone-on-tone leather with a graphic cross grain. Poor quality of leather and nylon. Maybe instead of trying to save money, I should have bought an original Longchamp at Bloomingdales…….cyber Monday, extra 25% off. Hi Susan, I just bought a large long handles le pliage. Elle est pas belle la vie. Microsoft Teams Reaches 115 Million Daily Active Users; How to Avoid Phone Scams; Investment Gold Not Fade Amid Strikes Fintech; The Importance of Financial Management for Prosperous Families; Archives. Just recently i got my LC longhandle Le Pliange medium fuschia from IG and now im having second thoughts if it is an aunthenticate LC . I bought it on ebay and when she opened it, she immediately thought it was fake. Luxury Bags / Leather Goods / Travel / Accessories Secure Online Payment | Secure Delivery with JNE One red flag is if a seller is selling hundreds of the nylon or neo longchamp bags at 50-80 % off all year round… what kind of seller can afford to lose money. The color of my bag is like light bluish. This started to raise alarm bells as whether this bag is authentic or not…After looking at all of your advise and the bag the only issue is that the outside stitching does not match the color of the bag. Extra-Large Short handle Tote, TYPE “XL”: 1625089### The following prices should be applicable whether you are buying in Paris or any other parts of Europe. – The lining has a smooth rubbery texture. Also it came in a LC paris dust bag. I think mine is authentic from what you posted but I read from other post that if the bag handles were wrapped in plastic then its fake. The RealReal is the world's #1 luxury consignment online store. Have a great day! – Zipper tag possibly reads “LONCCHAMP”. . New And Classic Longchamp, Longchamp Le Pliage, Longchamp Large Pliage, Longchamp Backpack, Longchamp Handbags Sale etc. i cannot feel any indentation at all. I’ve see in malls some are not diagonal anymore. Hi Susan..I just checked my Longchamp after reading your blog and i can’t seem to find the color code on your chart/table…mine shows 2605089876..its a medium peacock with longhandle..please help. LONGCHAMP. Thank you Susan, and God bless! . Even though some people use Type “L” and Type “XL” as an everyday handbag, they are known as luggage bags. 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