The Tarantulas; Dr. Max Stone. Et voilà que le Journal du Dimanche dévoile que l'ancienne eurodéputée a été rémunérée à hauteur de 10.000 euros par mois par l'Institut Berggruen. The Future of Capitalism program is led by its first Associate Director, Dr. Yakov Feygin, who works closely with Nils Gilman, the Vice President of Programs at the Institute. [27], In October 2017, the Berggruen Institute partnered with The Washington Post to publish The WorldPost, a media platform that publishes op-eds, features and videos exclusively on The Washington Post. Vice President of Programs; Deputy Editor of Noema Magazine, Bing Song The Berggruen Institute is committed to proposing and implementing new ideas of effective governance through three of its projects: the 21st Century Council, the Council for the Future of Europe, and the Think Long Committee for California. Vice President, Director, Berggruen Institute China Center, Co-Founder + Editor-In-Chief of Noema Magazine, Vice President of Programs; Deputy Editor of Noema Magazine, Vice President, Director, Berggruen Institute China Center, 2020 Berggruen China Center Annual Report, AI Narratives in Contemporary Chinese Science Fictions, AI Narratives in Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction. His answer that he is already employed in governing the family realm establishes the critical distinction between government (zheng fu, 政府) and governing (zhi zheng, 执政). [5], The 21st Century Council brings together former heads of state, global thinkers and entrepreneurs from across cultural and political boundaries to address the problems arising from power shifts from Western-dominated globalization to a multipolar world. Guessworks; Epicsode New technologies must thus be created in their image, as to serve the mutual benefit of the technology itself, the human and the cosmos. The Berggruen Institute is an independent think tank aimed at reshaping political and social institutions in the face of the great transformations of the 21st century. The Berggruen Center for Philosophy and Culture (BCPC, part of the Berggruen Institute; see is inviting applications for Berggruen fellowships, starting in the fall. LOS ANGELES, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Berggruen Prize Jury today announced its selection of Dr. Paul Farmer as the winner of the 2020 Berggruen Prize for … Sinon vous pouvez en lire le résumé ici : c’est sans conteste moins bien mais c’est nettement plus court car le documentaire dure près de 3 heures ! Video Object ( [videoId] => 2358 [filename] => KZO4TrN485QjHqAjKOqL [title] => Jean Robin, journaliste : Rôle de la Chine dans l’élection US et son infiltration en France [description] => "J'estime que la Chine communiste essaie, en ce moment, de faire un coup d'État aux États-Unis, tout simplement pour imposer son candidat qui est Joe Biden." In adherence to this notion of human worth and value, Professor Ames stipulates the in the language of Confucianism “human beings aren’t things, they’re events”. [10], The Think Long Committee for California promotes a comprehensive approach for improving California's government. As an alternative to ancient Greek dualism and its lasting influences on Western thought, Confucian as a process cosmology (yi zhong guo cheng, 一种过程) thus encourages us to embrace a system which doesn’t deny change but instead privileges the dynamism of life. It has two main programs: the Universal Basic Assets program which explores ways to equip individuals with universal access to an asset base that is mutually administered and distributes benefits to its stakeholders and the New Political Economy program which explores innovative proposals for how leaders at all different levels of governance can best respond to and reshape globalized capitalism. The Berggruen Institute works across cultures, disciplines and political boundaries, engaging great thinkers to develop and promote long-term answers to the biggest challenges facing humanity today. Under this logic, the cosmos can be conceptualized as a continuous flow, a process which will change through time and this change, even if driven by new technologies, is accepted within the tradition. Aptly marking the first online event of previously offline talks hosted in the ongoing Berggruen seminar series, Professor Roger Ames synthesized ancient philosophy with emerging technologies in his talk ‘Confucianism Commonsense Meets the AI Revolution”. The Berggruen Institute administers the Prize and welcomes nominations of thinkers whose ideas have both intellectual depth and long-term … Professor Ames grounds his discussion by describing John Dewey’s two alternative worldviews: the ‘two-world dualistic thinking’ ascribed to the classic Greek tradition, and the ‘one-world ecological thinking’ prevalent in East Asian philosophy and the Confucian tradition. The one-world viewpoint provided by Confucian thought challenges the pillars of a two-world system in a number of ways. Continuing his story, Professor Ames tells us that when Fu Xi died, the character of Shen Nong takes his place and as ‘the great farmer’ chisels and steams wood to manipulate natural materials into a tool for man. More time passes and after Shen Nong dies, the story continues with Huang Di, Yao and Shun, who hollow trees, yolk oxen and ride horses, establishing transport as the emerging technology of the time. The second conference was held in 2015; the third took place in 2018. The Council on the Future of Europe is a committee engaged in research, debate and advocacy to move forward the project of a united Europe. Established by philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen in 2016, the prize is awarded by the Los Angeles-based Berggruen Institute, a research organization dedicated to … Professor Ames offers a further redemptive judgement on the ability of Confucianism to assimilate new possible worlds, whether that be driven by philosophical standpoints or artificial interactions. Initially formed as a shadow G-20, the council presented its recommendations to President Nicolas Sarkozy of France in 2011 prior to the G-20 Summit in Cannes, as well as to President Felipe Calderon of Mexico and his successor Enrique Pena Nieto in 2012 prior to the G-20 Summit in Mexico. In 2019, the Berggruen and Gardels co-authored their second book together, Renovating Democracy: Governing in then Age of Globalization and Digital Capitalism, as a continuance of the UC Press Great Transformations series. That is, the assertation that “technology must be in service to humanity and the world itself”. A rendering shows how the trails to the Berggruen Institute might look after landscaping is completed. Following from Carek’s theatrical work first bringing the term robot into common usage, the 20th century bore witness to a slew of science fiction novels where creativity applied to new technologies was equally viewed with fear and distain, consider Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or Friedrich Nietzche’s Übermensch. However, when applied to other ideas central to the human condition ‘creativity’ becomes an insult, where the concept of something ‘new’ or ‘creative’ bears negative connotations: ‘Financial creativity’ conjures an image of tax evading, of scams and of unethical investment schemes, ‘Religious creativity’ implies adherence to a religion which is bizarre, or abnormal in its practices. This reconceptualization is made convincing not only through its applicability to creating ‘Technology for the Common Good’, but also in Professor Ames’ extensive career as one of the most accomplished Confucian authors and translators of ancient Chinese Classics. La dernière demi-heure de Hold-Up est une sorte de bouquet final interprétatif avec une trame assez simple : les tenants d’une gouvernance mondiale, qui se retrouvent presque tous dans « l’Institut Berggruen », ont inventé la pandémie pour soumettre l’humanité au « Great reset », la grande réinitialisation. Dans Hold-up, on y retrouve entre autres les gouvernements et scientifiques corrompus, les laboratoires pharmaceutiques, l’Institut Berggruen et ses membres, les GAFAM et les «libertariens» qui les dirigent, à savoir des individus «qui ne doivent rien à personne». The year 2020 marks 100 years since the concept of a ‘robot’ was first coined by the Czech playwright Karel Capek in his 1920 play “Rossum’s Universal Robots”. Their task is to discover philosophical questions within the concrete everyday labor of the engineers and researchers. The Institute’s other projects in California include the LA Committee and Sense LA. In 2015, the Institute expanded its mission with the creation of its Berggruen Fellowship Program, which sponsors thinkers working to develop new ideas for addressing the great transformations.[4]. In November 2011, the Committee published its report, A Blueprint to Renew California. Petit extrait de Hold Up qui vaut son pesant de cacahuètes « Le coronavirus circulait en Italie dès l’été 2019″: les recherches de l’Institut du cancer de Milan; Commentaires récents. Mourners hold photos of Qasem Soleimani in Tehran on Jan. 9. Nous aurions pu … As Professor Ames summarizes, under Confucianism “we are not individual, we are not discrete objects, we are everything that a human being does – intellectually, physically, culturally”. 304 S. Broadway, Suite 500 This is the human contribution to a Confucian worldview, because when cosmic and human values align, an “optimizing symbiosis” or zhong he (中和) is achieved, everything in the world will be in its proper place and all things will flourish. The Council is chaired by former President of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo.[7]. The Fellowship Program is a two-year program that gives scholars the opportunity to study at academic institutions all over the world. Professor Ames provides a tangible example of achieving such an ideal by comparing the Confucian reliance on xiao for taking care of the older generation to the increasing integration of companion robots to homes for the elderly, an introduction which can create a happier, more fulfilled existence in end of life care. [3], In 2010, Nicolas Berggruen and Nathan Gardels sat down with a group of academics, business leaders, and political veterans in California to discuss the economic and political stresses caused by the global financial crisis, the widespread perception of failing political institutions and Western democracies, and how China’s rise would affect the international landscape in the 21st century. In the Confucian tradition, xiao is the basis of education because personal growth comes from the interactions with those around you. The million-dollar award, chosen by an independent jury, is given annually to a thinker whose ideas are of broad significance for shaping human self-understanding and the advancement of humanity. So, in the same light we need not extrapolate from the ancient Greek tradition that man and machine are antagonists, but instead can take optimistic from the ancient Chinese tradition that man and machine can exist for mutual benefit. As Professor Ames laments, “when we build atomic bombs, when we create technologies that can destroy the world, bankrupt the environment or poison the water, these are technologies which are not consistent with a flourishing cosmos”. The original passage reads “天地的大德曰生” and its core meaning is translated by Ames as “the greatest capacity or virtuosity of the cosmos is life itself”. Further examples of Confucian adaptability come from the modern synthesis of its teachings to the works of Marx, of Kant, or of Hegel. Starting in 2018, the Institute has also begun a new fellowship track that embeds researchers directly in laboratories and organizations. In stark contrast to a world of individual objects conceptualized in dualistic thinking, Professor Ames summarizes Confucian commonsense built with human becomings (学以成人), with the recognition of the interdependence of human beings (己欲立而立人), and on the value of assimilating difference (忠恕之道). This inherent nature of Confucianism to draw into itself traditions of competing or foreign unfamiliar worlds in order to strengthen its own identity reflects how the dynamic tradition of the one worldview may triumph to better understand and accept technological change than the two-world dualistic view of a fixed, previously patterned universe. Senior Fellows are typically invited to co-design a research program that explores key aspects of the contemporary transformations of the human. The session was organized by the Transition Integrity Project, a nonpartisan group founded by Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School and Nils Gilman of the Berggruen Institute. [24], The 2017 laureate was Onora O’Neill. The Council hosted an annual Town Hall (2012-2015) series to foster an ongoing dialogue on how to best address Europe’s most pressing issues, including economic expansion, jobs and opportunities for youth, labor mobility and migration, and expanding democratic foundation of the union. Such caution, Professor Ames suggests, can be learnt from the Daoist criticism of the Confucian worldview. Sense LA is led by Berggruen fellow Gabriel Kahan.[16]. Bradbury Building Professor Ames has authored and co-authored several interpretative studies of Chinese society, culture and philosophy. In September 2019 it launched its first project with the Korean American Federation to develop formal and actionable recommendations for the city’s master urban plan, a field test in participatory representative democracy. If and when such a point occurs, the human race faces existential risk and until then, the relationship between man and machine is inherently defined by antagonist interaction. Taking lessons from this interaction, Professor Ames posits that technologies which create human existence in a way which is not consistent with the dao (道) or the proper way of things, risk offending the values which humans share with the cosmos. Un Plan pour une mutation génétique de l’humain et l’asservissement total de l’Humanité. In explaining this way of thinking, Professor Ames draws upon what he considered to be a beautiful passage from the Book of Changes. The Program also supports research at the University of Southern California (USC) Brain and Creativity Institute under Dr. Antonio Damasio. The BCPC offers full fellowships for up to two years that cover one year at a leading university in the UK or US and one year at a leading university in China. In response, the farmer becomes angry referring to his teacher’s guidance that contrived technologies, and those who are contriving in what they do, are sure to harbor a contriving mind. Les responsables sont des transhumanistes, notamment l'institut Berggruen, les oligarques dont Bill Gates, J. Attali, Soros, etc. About Dr. Max; The Compound LP – Digital Edition; Compound LP: Sex Bot Article; T.R. Prise dans l'affaire des assistants parlementaires du MoDem au Parlement européen, Sylvie Goulard a quitté le gouvernement Macron. Fellows are typically mid-career to senior academics, authors, and journalists who work at the Institute headquarters in Los Angeles or at the China Center in Beijing and are directly integrated in our working groups. Fluidity and change are accepted into the tradition, and there is no externally imposed pattern on the universe because as Professor Ames describes “everything is part of an inside with no outside”. The latter part of this requirement has fallen short in previous technological advancements. This disparaging notion of creativity, rooted in the Promethium concept to be daringly original, maintains its grasp in the language of modern society. The institute's core work is done through its four programs:[17] The Transformations of the Human, The Future of Capitalism, The Future of Democracy, and Geopolitics and Globalization. From this enlightened thought, he began the human journey with technology by plaiting cords to make nets and traps for fishing and hunting. The concepts unearthed in these books reflect the way in which technology fits into a two-world viewpoint because human beings are acting on their creativity in a way that offends the morality and existing pattern established by God. In 2019, two of their projects: AI meets Chinese philosophers and Tianxia and geopolitics reached book publication stage. Berggruen Institute councils and committees, The Transformations of the Human Program (ToftH), Berggruen Institute Scholar’s Campus: Monteverdi, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Intelligent Governance for the 21st Century: A Middle Way Between West and East, Renovating Democracy: Governing in then Age of Globalization and Digital Capitalism, "Berggruen Institute Receives $500 Million Endowment to Expand Mission of Enduring Political and Social Impact", "China's Zheng Bijian on "The Global Convergence of Interests, "Ernesto Zedillo to Chair 21st Century Council of Berggruen Institute on Governance", "Juncker Plan exceeds original €315 billion investment target", "Governor Brown Signs Ballot Reform Measure", "Californians OK Proposition 2, on rainy day fund", "The Transformations of the Human - Our Work", "Geopolitics and Globalization - Our Work", "Berggruen Prize for Philosophy and Culture", "Canadian Philosopher Wins $1 Million Prize", "Onora O'Neill Wins $1 Million Berggruen Prize for Philosophy", "Martha Nussbaum Wins $1 Million Berggruen Prize", "Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wins $1 Million Berggruen Prize", "The Washington Post and Berggruen Institute partner to publish The WorldPost", "Nicolas Berggruen Wants to Bridge the East-West Gap", "Berggruen Institute Invests $25.5 Million for Beijing Research Center", "Herzog & de Meuron reveal plans for Berggruen Institute site north of the Getty Center", "Plans for Berggruen Institute's 'scholars' campus' in the Santa Monica Mountains move forward", "Berggruen Institute signals new ambition for Herzog & de Meuron-designed Scholars' Campus in L.A.",, Non-profit organizations based in Los Angeles, Articles with a promotional tone from July 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 December 2020, at 18:08. The ToftH Fellowship Program invites and hosts fellows separated into three groups: Junior Fellows, Fellows, and Senior Fellows. Additionally, the Global Fellowship Program enables thinkers to study globally in different areas of the world. [31] It houses fellows, and offers symposia and conferences.[32]. The council is devoted to global governance reform with the aim to “build on a convergence of interests in order to create a community of interests.”[6]. Junior Fellowships, consisting of philosophers, artists, and social scientists, run for up to three years. It follows that we cannot encode or implant a moral system into the technology itself, rather the harmonious identity of an artificial being follows from their interactions with humans, other robots and the natural world. Co-Founder + Editor-In-Chief of Noema Magazine, Dawn Nakagawa In seeing his struggles, Zigong proclaimed of a new technology called a ‘wellsweep’ which takes water out of the river and distributes it over the fields less laboriously than relying on human strength alone. As Professor Ames summarizes, Confucianism teaches us that “if there is only one person, there is no person. Aptly marking the first online event of previously offline talks hosted in the ongoing Berggruen seminar series, Professor Roger Ames synthesized ancient philosophy with emerging technologies in his talk ‘Confucianism Commonsense Meets the AI Revolution”. About MWC; Real Emcees. In this world of ‘things’, the existing order is governed by a divine universe, and the distinction of actors within the universe is demarcated by “nouns”. Improvement comes from optimizing the interaction and resonance between humans and the natural world. Poilagratter dans Petit extrait de Hold Up qui vaut son pesant de cacahuètes; SMIV … The campus, designed by a team of architects led by Herzog & de Meuron and L.A’s Gensler, will house the Institute’s educational programs, fellowships and scholars.[33][34][35]. The council aims to connect ideas to action to improve governance and institutional performance at the state, local, and national levels while working to ensure that global policy conversations fully incorporate Chinese and Western perspectives. In the Confucian tradition, everything is defined by its context (一多不分观), such that the ultimate worth of human beings is conditioned on their deference of relationships to nature and to other human beings. Tout y passe alors : la cryptomonnaie, les nanoparticules, la 5G… In May 2013, the Council held a “town hall” meeting endorsed by the French President Francois Hollande, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, and Italian labor minister. Pour voir le documentaire « Hold-up, Retour sur un chaos, 2020 », cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous. Additionally, Professor Ames explains that the long-lasting notion of xiao from antiquity to modern Chinese society today has been important for intergenerational transmission of cultural traditions, establishing the degree of continuity in Confucian societies which makes them unique from their Greek, Italian, Iranian and Egyptian counterparts. In understanding the relation between human and technology in the past, the present and the future, the Confucian tradition provides a contrasting and somewhat less nihilistic worldview. Professor Ames reveals that the simple English translation of ‘Book of Changes’ hides the nuance from its Chinese name, yi jing, where the character yi (易) itself associates with a change which is adding, increasing or benefiting. Hold Up est un documentaire de 2h43, ... Réunis dans des think tanks comme l’institut Berggruen, ils font partie de la toile d’hommes d’influence comploteurs qui veulent contrôler intégralement l’humanité pour s’enrichir, quel qu’en soit le prix. The Berggruen Institute is an independent think tank aimed at reshaping political and social institutions in the face of the great transformations of the 21 st century. In philosophy, the termed ‘teleology’ refers to “the explanation of phenomena in terms of the purpose they serve rather than of the cause by which they arise”. He displays concern that Confucianism itself as a tradition is inclined to ‘routinization’, where its core concepts of family reverence, ritual propriety and optimal harmony are abused as tools of blind obedience, oppressive social catechism and forced absence of dissidence. A broad-ranging philosopher of politics and ethics, international justice and bioethics, O’Neill is a Professor Emerita of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge and the former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Great Britain. In a worldview built on the immutability and rationality of fixed moral and natural laws, the fluidity and change brought by technology becomes threatening. Neo Conceptual Art. How does technology fit into this Confucian one-world thinking? The Transformations of the Human Program[18] consists of two programs, the Fellowship Program and the Artists Program, and three projects: Future Humans, AI & The Human, and Bio/Tech & The Human Collective. In Professor Ames’ interpretation, “family is the entry point for determining ourselves in terms of our moral competence”. Each of the following concepts complement one another, as components necessary to achieve ritual propriety or li (禮) and attain the goal of Confucian living, which Professor Ames considers characterizes as “optimizing symbiosis”. Hold up. In a world not too far in the future where artificial intelligence touches almost all walks of life, Confucian teaching tells us the identity of AI will be formed from its relationality. The Berggruen Institute presented its first Berggruen Prize for Philosophy and Culture in 2016. The Council and Germany’s labor minister, Ursula von der Leyen, proposed an investment, training, and jobs program for Europe. They erect walls, build double doors and carve bows and arrows, achieving greater security and stability of the community through technological advances. While this dualism has a sustained critique in Western scholarship for over a century, it maintains a persisting influence over commonsense and how humans interact with their external environment. Confucianism triumphs the idea that “the human experience is not lived within our skin” but dependent on our relationality to the ‘other’. Perhaps the most resounding takeaway from the discussion with Professor Ames is one of the collective responsibility falling on the shoulders of both human and artificial beings. The son of Heinz Berggruen, the German art collector, and Bettina Moissi, a German actress, Berggruen grew up in Paris in a predominantly German-speaking household. A further deduction from this classical way of thinking, is that creativity as part of the existing, static and immutable patterned cosmos, belongs only to God. In the discussion that followed Professor Ames’ talk questions were asked as to how can we practically design artificial beings to be consistent and compliant with this Confucian way of thinking. Reflecting on the contemporary examples given in the Book of Changes, technologies of transport, the written word, ways to prepare foods or secure the community, have served humanity well, lasting the test of time. The program eventually became a part of European policy in January 2015 when European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker proposed the 315 billion euro Investment Plan. Presenting passages from the Book of Changes (yi jing, 易经), Professor Ames explains the situation of technology in the Confucian tradition. [26], The 2019 Berggruen Prize was awarded to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her work in pioneering gender equality and using the law to advance ethical and philosophical principles of equality and human rights. With humans adopting the role of the creator and the innovator, an important distinction must be made to advancing only the human experience, as opposed to aligning human values with cosmic values. Explore. Instead of acting alone, human beings have the responsibility to be co-creators of the universe serving in unison with the technology they create. We become people because we live in our relationships with other people”. It is unsurprising then that the common narrative in a modern treatment of emerging technologies and the increasing intelligence of artificial beings is one of fear. Like the harmonious, mutually beneficial depiction of technological assimilation in the Book of Changes, this Confucian lens bodes well for a positive integration of AI technology into our modern-day societies. Professor Ames advises that in dealing with the transition from robots on the factory floor, into healthcare, into security and into family life, we must be certain that such technologies are consistent with human values which in-of-themselves align with cosmic values. The Committee also supported Proposition 2 in 2014, “The Rainy Day Fund,” which sets aside a small percentage of revenue each year to pay the state’s debt and safeguard against economic downturns.[14]. In explaining this point, Professor Ames provides a passage from Analects 2.21, where Confucius is asked “Why are you not employed in government”? So, as Song Bing extrapolates, there is no distinction between artificial and human beings. The ideas that emerged from those original discussions became the foundation for the Berggruen Institute through the launch of local and global initiatives and the publication of Intelligent Governance for the 21st Century: A Middle Way Between West and East, a Financial Times “Best Book of the Year.”. Chairman and Founder, Nathan Gardels L’ultima mezz’ora di Hold-Up, come in un gran finale da fuochi d’artificio, riassume la tesi centrale del film: i detentori della governance mondiale, che si ritrovano quasi tutti nel “Berggruen Institute”, hanno inventato la pandemia per sottoporre l’umanità a un “Great Reset”. Goulard has also been under fire from French media over her relationship with US think-tank the Berggruen Institute, which was set up by billionaire financial investor Nicolas Berggruen. Under this Confucian worldview, man and universe, ren (人) and tian (天) are connected, so when a human being creates his or her own identity, they also create wisdom in the universe. Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen's think tank, The Berggruen Institute, has just revealed renderings of its planned campus in the Santa Monica Mountains near The Getty Center.. [23], The inaugural recipient in 2016 was Charles Taylor, one of the world’s foremost philosophers who has deepened the understanding among different intellectual traditions and civilizations. Song Bing comments on the situation of this fear as coming from the anxiety that machines will conquer humans and so, in a fight or flight response, humans must maintain a hierarchical power, a dominance which secures the safety of future generations. Originating from the Old Slavonic word ‘rabota’ which translates to ‘a servitude of forced labor’, the definition of a robot came into existence underpinned by notions of enslavement, of tension between humans and machines. [15], The Sense LA program was unveiled in 2019 to be a tool for social cohesion and public participation in Los Angeles using the power of art and the city’s collective intelligence. Abiding by the spirit of oneness, we need not worry about the concept of one conquering the other because both share in the same one moral order. If such an alignment can be achieved, then the robot serves to a positive end, acting as our co-collaborators in shaping our world for the greater good. Considering first human interaction with nature, in a one worldview, human culture is not separate from the culture of the world, instead in Professor Ames’ interpretation “human culture is like birdsong, or falling rain”.

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